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Moving Estimate

Moving estimates are based on the items you plan to move and the origin and destination of the move, as well as any additional moving services you need. There are different types of moving estimates and different rates depending on the type of move that you have.
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Average total cost for a move across town

1 bedroom apt

3-5 hours- $250-$500

2 bedroom apt

4-7 hours- $350-$700

3 bedroom

6-8 hours- $450-$800

4 bedroom

8-12 hours- $650-$1200

Local moves

  • Hourly rate of $100 plus packing services and moving supplies​
  • Add $50 to the hourly rate if an extra mover is needed on the team

Long-distance moves

Average $2000-$5000 (more details provided in our eBook)

Truck rental

  • Flat rate of $20 per day based on the size of the truck, plus gas and mileage
  • Cost for team to load and offload the truck approximately between $200-$1000 based on the size of the move
  • Temporary storage rates from $50-$300-400 per month depending on the unit size