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Moving can be stressful.

In fact, it is consistently rated as one of life’s top stressors. It’s also expensive, as the average moving cost for a local move is $1200 and for a long distance move is $4500 for a distance of 1000 miles. Although there are numerous websites with relevant moving-related information, we aim to provide the essential information based on our decade of professional experience in the moving industry in our eBook. You can also get a free moving estimate by filling in the form above, in which you’ll need to provide the city and state where you’re moving from and to.

My name is

Manuel Martins

I worked in the moving industry for over a decade. In my experience, many people I spoke with who were relocating were missing some key information could help them save time and money on their move, as well as relieve some stress and provide peace of mind. 


There are many decisions that are required when moving, whether you move locally or long-distance.


For example, initially you’ll need to decide whether to hire a moving company or rent a U-Haul truck and do the move yourself. 


You may need to purchase moving supplies, like moving blankets, bubble wrap and tape, and boxes including book boxes, china boxes, wardrobe boxes or plastic bins. 


You may also need to use a storage facility or require storage-in-transit. 


Alternatively, you may already have your belongings in a storage unit or can opt to rent your own storage unit near your new home.

You’ll also need to make decisions regarding furniture and belongings that you’ll want to move. 



This cost-benefit analysis is important, since each item has an associated cost to move, and depending on the condition of the item, it may or may not be cost-effective to move that every piece of furniture or household goods.  



It may be helpful to have an inventory list to keep track of all of the items that will need to be on the moving truck on move day. 



In my e-book, I’ve included an inventory list to keep track of the furniture in each room of your home, as well as items that cannot fit in a box or items that are fragile and that will need to be properly packed to avoid damage. 



You may need moving services and/or specific packing services, or you may decide to purchase specialty boxes or other packing material to properly pack lamps, wall art, and paintings if you decide to pack yourself.


You may have furniture with glass components that will need to be properly handled on moving day. 



You may have large items, like a piano, that will need to be properly handled, or other large, bulky items that cannot be disassembled and that will need to be loaded on the truck, like a swing set. 

If you decide to use a moving company, it is extremely important to do some research on the company to make sure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. 


You should feel confident that you can trust the moving company to deliver all of your belongings in the same condition and in a timely manner. 


In my e-book, I’ve included useful tips to research the moving companies that you are considering. 


Also, I provide information regarding moving insurance and other options for insurance. I also provide information regarding the moving contract if you decide to hire a moving company. 


Click the link below to purchase the eBook and gain immediate access to the information you need to guarantee a smooth relocation. 


It contains the essential information that you need, including some moving tips and tricks that I learned when helping families move locally or across the country.

What our customers say

Maria Evans

This book is the mover bible! I was so scared of using a moving company because of all the horror stories I’ve heard. This book helped me feel confident in the decisions I made for my move. “

Matt Sanders

I wish I had found this book the first time I moved. I’ve used a few moving companies in the past and have had a mix of experiences, including a “bait and switch” type of situation for a long distance move from NY to CA in which I was quoted one price by the moving company I hired and then the price was increased substantially on the day of the move. As advertised on this website, this book does provide all of the information you need for a smooth move. “

Sara Thompson

” The eBook was very useful and easy to read. It provided a good amount of packing tips and overall moving tips that helped me better organize my move. “